Sunday, May 13, 2007

Developer Drill #2

Last Friday, May 11th, OLPC Nepal hosted its second developers' drill. Five new developers attended in addition to Prasanna, Shankar, Ankur, and Himali Kiran. ShankUr and Himali Kiran organized the drill. All involved were quite excited.

Record of events
11:30 Shankar gave a general of overview of OLPC project
12:00 Ankur gave a basic introduction to programming in Python
13:00 Himali gave a tutorial on Sugar, dbus, localization, and activity development. He also covered how to create SVG icons for activities
14:00 Prassana gave a tutorial on building activities with PyGames. The newcomers got a chance to write a tic-tac-toe game.
15:00 Distributed LiveCDs and snacks
16:00 Ujwal gave a presentation on his work on the Karl Pearson Coefficient Method for Handwriting recognition. He would like to port it to the Jotpad activity. You can access some of his source code here. It has not been Sugar-ized yet.

For the next drill, we would like to have educators present to work directly with the developers. We also need more computers for our office so the developers can work hands-on. Also, they would like to give tutorials on dbus, avahi daemon, and mesh networking.

Point from Ankur: "This drill was quite successful because we made it simple and not overwhelming. We tried to get them excited about the possibilities."

We are currently working in a very crowded office. We hope to move into this bigger room once we get the financial resources to buy more computers and furniture. This room may not look like much but it would be a huge improvement over our current space.