Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OLPC Nepal in CAN InfoTech 2008

Check us out at CAN InfoTech 2008, stall P-14. We got really busy to update this both on mailing list or blog. Nevertheless, we got a nice stall in a nice location (thanx to CAN) with beautiful banners and brochures (thanx to Nirmal for the design and CAN for printouts).

Even on the first day, when other stalls were waiting visitors, we'd a huge crowd on our stall. The purpose of having a stall in this edition of CAN InfoTech was to inform people the fact that OLPC is an education project, and not a technological gadget distribution program. Good thing is, people are gettin it too..

Getting Started..

Nice flex. Yeah, this is an *educational* project!

Steve Cabb was there too.. (Remember him? Kantipur FM few years back)

We definitely had a large crowd even on the first day

People were really interested

Friday, January 25, 2008

Nepali Keyboard

Today, we received a XO keyboard with Nepali letters printed on it. We had sent this draft keyboard layout few months ago to OLPC international and voila, the Nepali printed keyboard is here..

However this layout is still in draft phase and we're working on more scientific layout.. But still, it was good to finally see a XO keyboard with Nepali letters printed over it. We quickly grabbed one of the XOs in our development lab and replaced the English-only version.

Ankur replacing the keyboard

English-only and English-Nepali Keyboard

Looks good huh!

Monday, January 21, 2008

First XO laptop in Nepal through Simply Give program

Simply Give donation program has brought the first XO Laptop to Nepal. The lucky one is Prajesh Dulal. Jane Smith (USA) has contributed the laptop. Today he came to OLPC Nepal office for learning how to use this beautiful machine.

Prajesh seems happy with his XO

Using camera

Shankar teaching how to use the laptop

Laptop Manual and Thank you letter signed by Nicholas Negroponte

Now we need to see the impact of this laptop on Prajesh. Although he's not from rural part and also has access to computer at his school, it'll still be interesting to monitor how and for what purposes he uses this laptop.