Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Behind the Pilot

Caffeinated eyes, fatigued body and loads of work is not only recollection from our first ever XO deployment. The best part is how we enjoyed every moment, I just never want to forget all the moment we shared, those jokes, pranks, lighter moments and joy. I am trying to remember as much moments as I can from this marvelous event we orchestrated together.

Who's Hungry:
On the event night, Shankar wanted to have fruits only for dinner, Prakash wanted rice badly and I was starving for heavy dinner, jwalanta and Nirmal were searching food for us desperately and at 11pm night we couldn't find any fastfood or restaurant to have something, my patience was about to break when jwalanta called me and informed one kitchen was open, even though we have to pay twice or thrice the normal price we were happy to see the face of food at midnight.

This is where you start sharing

Go...od morning sir!
"We have learned everything, and our battery is already drained" was the first thing we heard from the children next morning, they were showing us painting they have done and pictures they took, almost all of the village was snapshot by XOs when we examined few of the journal :). We listened their poems about XO "mero sanu sathi", stories and jokes. They were enthusiastic like never before. When we show them their photo on national newspaper , they were excited and said "thank U sir".
Returning From the day's trip

Hackers on hood:
That day, we returned on hood of local bus from our pilot site. Wind gushing at about 60-70 kmph on our face couldn't stop us from making jokes about different political leaders and caricaturing how they will push OLPC agenda on the verge of upcoming election, we even shouted "vote for laptop".

Happy on the Hood

Lets hope this spirit will always go on and long live our geekism !! Please add more moments on Comments hai.